Cleaning and Overhauling

Cleaning Slider

David Wells Organ Builders Ltd is accredited for this work by the IBO.
Cleaning and Overhauling is the routine preservative process that should be carried out at regular intervals to keep organs in good working order. David Wells Organ Builders Ltd are accredited for this work by the Institute of British Organ Building.

The period between Cleaning and Overhauling is something between fifteen and twenty-five years depending on whether the organ is in an urban or a rural area. Tuners’ reports will indicate when the time for Cleaning and Overhauling is approaching.

The symptoms of the need for periodic overhaul include such things as a noisy and/or sluggish action, non functioning actions, wind leaks and unsteady wind, irregular speech of the reeds, unstable speech of the flue-work, dumb notes and failure of a division or the whole organ to stay in tune.

On request a report and specification of work will be prepared for the client.