Current Projects

Blackburn St Silas

Cleaning & Overhauling the 1904 Harrison & Harrison Organ; Releathering the Bellowswork; reversing previous changes including mixture compositions and breaks; restoring original wind pressures; improving key actions and updating piston action, plus fine remedial work.

 Guildford Cathedral

Dismantling and preparing the 1961 Rushworth and Dreaper Organ for forthcoming fabric building works. Thereafter cleaning & overhauling; releathering reservoirs, concussions and previously unrestored key action leatherwork; re-assembly; Updating console including new piston system.

 Wavertree St Stephen’s United Reformed Church

Repairs to this very fine pneumatic two manual Rushworth and Dreaper Organ following severe rainwater water damage.

 Liverpool Cathedral

Continued rolling programme of restoration.

 New Three Stop Box Organ

Stopped Diapason 8ft, Flute 4ft and Principal 2ft nearing completion.